Lean Branding is One of the Three Tools Netflix Used to Build Its World-Class Brand

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Netflix’s VP of Product Management Gibson Biddle has chosen the lean branding methodology for the development of the Netflix brand globally.

For Biddle, Lean Branding author Laura Busche comes closest to an actionable definition of a brand:

A brand is the unique story that consumers recall when they think of you.

“This story associates your product with [your customers’] personal stories, a particular personality, what you promise to solve, and your position relative to your competitors,” Busche writes. “All human aspirations are opportunities for brands to build relationships.”

Aligned with Busche’s thinking, a positioning model will help you locate the place your brand should occupy in a consumer’s mind. First, answer these three questions about your company:

  • What is it? Be descriptive.
  • What are the customer benefits? How does it improve customers’ lives?
  • What is its personality? If your product, company or service was human and you met at a cocktail party, how would you describe him/her?

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