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Great for beginners who need to get their site up ASAP



Ideal for brands wanting to soar above their competition




Ideal for brands that bet strongly on e-commerce


All of our plans include:

  • Hosted on Google Cloud, which offers a unique security model, remarkable uptime, and world-scale infrastructure
  • Anti-hacking security layer*, a firewall to protect your site from cyber attacks
  • Install as many WordPress sites as your server's resources can support
  • All our plans are based on WordPress
  • Automatic backups for each site every night
  • Ozone Dashboard access to migrate, launch, or clone WordPress sites in minutes
  • Weekly traffic report
  • 1 Free SSL
  • Uptime monitoring
  • Access to members-only design and development rates
  • Exclusive access to WordPress training in our Ozone Academy
  • Simple online payments via PayPal or PayU

Our themes are ready to fit your brand

With our memberships, we’re not just building and hosting your website, but translating your brand for a digital audience.


Restaurants and food service


Beauty and wellness


Fashion and retail


Schools and educators


Consultants and freelancers


Travel and hospitality


Lawyers and consultants


Conferences and spaces

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How it works

Our plans make it easy. Just answer some questions about your brand and we'll adapt one of our WordPress themes to fit your desired look and feel. We'll host and launch your site, making sure it's always up to date and secure. 

Each membership includes access to our dashboard and a powerful set of features:

  • WordPress Site Creator: Clone WordPress sites from a list of themes 
  • Easy backups: Perform daily backups and delete, clone, or suspend sites
  • Specialized add-ons: Purchase extra features to extend your site's capabilities
  • Full server access: Users have complete visibility into their assigned Google Cloud server
  • Support ticket system: A help center to flag and take care of your site's issues efficiently.

Lean Branding: Creating Dynamic Brands to Generate Conversion. A conference by Laura Busche at Reaktor Breakpoint.


Laura Busche, our VP Marketing, is the author of Lean Branding and Powering Content. Her approach to brand building is holistic: she combines insights from an undergraduate degree in business, master's degree in design management, and Ph.D. in consumer psychology. Learn more about her at

Who we are

We are a creative team empowering small commerce to dream big.

Given the right tools, we believe you have the power to change your brand's trajectory any given day. That was then, this is now - always.

Your JOURNEY to a stellar brand start here. We offer quick liftoff from the offline world, spectacular landings in new markets, and money making adventures across the online universe. Lastly, we like our brands like we like our coffee: energizing and sizzling hot.

Thanks for flying with us.

Need something custom?

Get in touch and we'll design a membership that fulfills your unique business needs. Extend your server's capability, add a set number of development and/or design support hours — it's all possible with an Elite membership.



Billed monthly

For those who want a solution that's tailored to fit their needs

  • Custom Specifications
  • Languages & Frameworks:
    Ruby, PHP, Javascript, WordPress, Ruby On Rails, Laravel, Node.js, React
  • Core Web Vitals
  • Kubernets support
  • Monthly custom analytics report
  • Monthly consulting call

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