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Brand design goes far beyond visual symbols: building a strong identity requires a rigorous and open research process that sets the ground for the brand’s appropriation. We will work with citizens and visitors to co-create a brand story that represents the city’s past, present, and future. Our lean research methods use existing associations as starting points to unveil the essential traits that represent the city. Using those insights as raw material, we will design a flexible toolkit that allows the local government, businesses, associations, and individuals to promote the city for years to come.

Brand storytelling: Multimedia Production

We produce content in formats like video and audio to reinforce the city’s narrative in multiple languages.

Brand symbols: Identity Design

Our team will develop a complete set of graphic assets to identify the city in front of local and global audiences.

Brand symbols: Web Design

We will develop a full-featured website that allows you to host and distribute content related to the city in multiple languages.

Brand strategy: Digital Marketing

We will manage your social media profiles, ad campaigns, and other online channels to ensure the key messages’ distribution.

Brand strategy: Research

We implement lean qualitative and quantitative research methods to obtain actionable insights for your brand’s development process.

Brand strategy: Online education

Our team will build a learning platform to amplify the reach of the city’s brand narrative and enable local players to implement tactics that bring it to life.

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