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Congratulations! If you are reading this, we have finished designing your website together and it is ready for the world to know it ? We want to help you get the most out of this new stage and that is why we have prepared a guide that answers four main questions:

  1. What items should I review to make sure I launch a quality website?
  2. What can I do to publicize my new site?
  3. How can I monitor the success of my site?
  4. What can I do to take it to the next level?

1. How to check the quality of your site

At Ozone, we have high technical quality standards that we review before making the final delivery of the site. However, some elements depend on you and you should check so that your visitors have the best possible experience. Here is a simple checklist that you can use:

  • The logo is in its most updated version
  • Texts have no spelling, grammar or content errors
  • The titles represent well the text they contain
  • There are no empty, outdated or broken links
  • The favicon or icon you see in the browser tab is correct
  • The key phrases with which you want to position yourself in search engines are included in the texts
  • Pages have a meta description field for search engines
  • There are call-to-action buttons for users
  • Live chat works and directs the user correctly
  • There are links to your social networks and they work correctly
  • The images shown are those indicated and you have the right to use them
  • These images are reasonable in size and load fast
  • Your images have enough quality to load well on retina screens
  • You included testimonials or examples of the work you have done for your clients
  • You have a 404 page for when your visitors fall for that error
  • There is a page that explains who you are
  • There is a contact us form
  • Your website loads correctly and amiably on mobile devices
  • There is easier navigation for mobile devices
  • The main menu is clear and guides the user correctly
  • The icons represent the ideas that accompany
  • Design is consistent throughout the site

2. How to publicize your new site

There are many possibilities when it comes to telling your target visitors that you are ready for them. To facilitate this decision, we share the three types of digital channels that we normally contemplate:

  • Own channels: use your social networks or existing mailing list to tell potential visitors that you are ready for them. You can even create a discount code for your products or referral incentive to generate initial traffic among those who already know you. You may also find it helpful to create a simple tutorial on how to shop at your online store. You can post it on your social networks to make the process easier for your audience.
  • Channels Earned: Partner with other brands or individuals who can make their channels available to communicate what’s new on your site. These other brands may even have their website that links to your pages. These links are known as inbound and, if they come from a reputable domain, they strengthen your search engine presence.
  • Paid Channels: Design an online advertising campaign that generates traffic to landing pages of your new site. Be strategic when choosing these pages: make sure they have a clear call to action that allows you to get a return on investment.

3. How to monitor the success of your site

To stay up-to-date with what is happening within your site and to be able to make corrections on time, it is key that you connect it with an analytics platform. In our experience, Google Analytics offers the most complete free package and we can connect your exit site. Just tell us what you are interested in and we will install Site Kit, Google’s analytics suite specially designed for WordPress sites.

Site Kit will provide you with graphics to understand different aspects of your site’s traffic: where it comes from, where it is going and what patterns it follows. Likewise, Site Kit integrates a second Google tool specifically focused on its search engine: Search Console. By monitoring your site data in Search Console you will have a clear view of what keywords are generating traffic from that search engine. Knowing this, you can optimize your content to better attract them and, once they arrive, serve them in an even more relevant way to their needs.

4. How to take your site to the next level

We are here to help you scale your site. Our experience in engineering focused on PHP and WordPress allows us to offer you custom development, an adaptation of plugins, specialized designs, among many other particular configurations. We have clear and simple packages for the following features:

  • SSL (the certificate that allows your site to appear as https: //)
  • Caching of images or content that puts your site to load faster
  • Capture and manage leads (prospects) through a conversion funnel
  • Increased capacity of your server

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