How do I point my new website to the correct domain?

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To make sure that you can connect the site that we will design for you with the desired domain, let’s review some of the basic concepts that you will need.

What is a domain?

A domain is an address that makes it easy for your users to find your site. Domains are useful because they are easier to remember than an IP address, where ultimately all the content that is online lives. Unlike domains, IP addresses are made up of a thread of numbers that is impossible to remember. The domain helps “translate” these addresses so that they are friendly and memorable to your target audience.

What is a domain provider?

Companies that sell these addresses to the public are known as domain providers.

What is a DNS record?

DNS means Domain Name System or domain name system. These records connect your domain with multiple services for which you are going to use it. In our case, think of DNS as a set of rules that tell your domain, among many other data, where the site is hosted that should show your visitors and what email server you use to receive and send emails @tumarca .com (or any other extension).

DNS updates quickly, spreading from the moment you make any changes. There are different types of records or registers, among which are:

  • A Record
  • MX
  • TXT
  • SRV
  • AAA

Your domain provider will always allow you to manage these records so that you can connect your .com (or any other extension) to the services you need.

How do I point my domain to the correct DNS?

If you give us access to your account with your domain provider, we can do this process for you. If not, we will give you the DNS records that you must replace in your account so that the site can be viewed correctly in your domain.

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